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Communion Procedures

Mothers Day, May 10th

This page describes more information about how communion will be administered after the service on

Mothers Day, May 10th. 

Please watch the video for more information on how communion will be administered.

Divine Service will be held and live streamed as always.  In addition, on this day we will offer an opportunity for all to receive Holy Communion, in order to keep the 4th Commandment (obeying civil government in accord with their God-given authority), and to keep the 5th Commandment (seeking to keep our neighbor as healthy as we are able), certain restrictions and procedures will be in place, as described below:

  • When to come to Church?

    • We will be conducting church online like we have done in the past. The main difference this time is that we will be offering communion in a very structured and safe fashion. For those that wish to receive communion, we ask that you watch the service up until the point where Pastor consecrates the elements (Words of Institution). It is at that point that you may physically come to church and form a single file line on the south side parking lot, remaining in your cars.

  • What to do when you arrive?

    • Upon arriving, please stay in the single file line unless or until one of the 4-5 parking spots marked by an orange cone nearest to the church doors are available. When one of those spots are available, please park in those spots. Someone will be outside to direct traffic and let you know when it's proper to come in.

  • When to enter the church?

    • After leaving the parking lot, you (and/or your family) will be able to stand in one of four stations. One station will be outside of the church (weather permitting). Please wait there until you are called in by an usher. The second station is just inside the church in the entryway just inside the doors called the Narthex, there will be hand sanitizer available right inside the inner doors if you do not have your own. You will also find a half sheet of paper with the confession and absolution on it that will be used when your reach the front of the Sanctuary. The third station will be halfway down the aisle towards the front of the church. The last station will be at the front of the church where communion will be distributed.

  • When to move forward?

    • The other stations inside of the church will be allowed to move forward towards the Altar when the previous station has been vacated. Each group of people will occupy a station and move forward as a group. Once the last person receives communion and has moved away from the front of the church, the next group in line can come forward.

  • What will be different when receiving communion?

    • When you reach the front of church each group will read the Confession and receive Absolution before taking the Sacrament of the Altar. Communion will be administered in two ways. We will continue to offer the host given by the Pastor and the chalice given by a deacon. In addition, in between the pastor and deacon, we will offer the host being laid individually on a tray for you to pick up and consume along with individual cups if you are more comfortable doing it that way. Pastor will still say the blessing while you take of the Body of Christ. The deacon will still say the blessing when you take the Body of Christ. After receiving both, you can if you choose to kneel at the rail on the south (pulpit side) to say a brief prayer and then exit the church.

  • What to do after receiving communion?

    • After you are done with communion, you can exit the church through the stairwell towards school or you if you need to use the ramp down the south aisle and exit through the side door and take the ramp back to your car. Please remember to not socialize in the parking lot and hold others up, promptly leave the parking spot so that you can open the spot to the next group of people who wish to commune.


A few additional notes.  We are certainly aware some live farther away then others.  Those living closest will certainly get there sooner than those living farther away, this is fine.  We will happily wait and plan to be there for at least an hour. 

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