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Student Life

Lutheran Grade School Basketball

Extracurricular Activities

At Zion-Concord, an education includes both what is learned in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Listed below are just some of the aspects outside of the classroom that set Concord above other private schools.


Zion-Concord offers a variety of extracurricular activities from sports like Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country, and Basketball to activity groups like chess club. There are a number of options available for students to participant in outside of school to further their desire to learn and grow their minds.  

Student Council

Middle school students are given the opportunity to sign up and are selected by the faculty to represent their classmates. The council helps with many of our school fundraisers and service projects.

8th Grade Trip

Every year, the 8th grade class goes either to Washington DC or Springfield, IL to view the sites at our state or nations capital.


All students participate in choir on a weekly basis.  The 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds are led by Ms. Emily Allor.  Kindergarten - 2nd graders participate in the “Cherub Choir”, under the direction of Mrs. Allison Golz.  3rd – 8th graders sing in “Kids of His Kingdom”, under the direction of Mr. Mark Trapp.  These choirs also participate regularly in Sunday morning worship services, leading the congregation and giving glory to God through their musical offerings.

Middle School Outdoor Education

Outdoor education takes place at Walcamp and is part of the regular curriculum for upper grade students. This usually involves a four day, three night stay at our Lutheran outdoor education camp in Kingston, Illinois.

Band Classes

Parents may sign up for band classes taught by a Walther Lutheran H.S. teacher. Classes feature brass, woodwind, and string instruments.

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