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Zion-Concord PTO is sponsoring a Trivia Night

April 28th


Doors open at 6 pm with Concessions

Trivia competition starts at 6:30 pm



Registration Deadline:
April 25th


Due to low registration numbers and issues with scheduling, this event has been postponed until the next school year. We will look to add it to next years line up of possible events.

  • Teams can be made up of any age kids. Questions are geared towards 5th graders and above.

  • Teams should have 6-8 players (no more than 8)

  • Trivia will include multiple choice questions and using an online system for scoring.

  • A craft project will also be made available if the JV game is done before the Varsity game.

  • Teams can be made up mostly adults but kids can also be part of the team.

  • Teams should have 6-8 players (no more than 8)

  • Trivia will be broken up into six 10 minute rounds. Each team will be graded on their answers given for each round.

  • Answers will be read after each round while grading takes place.

  • Scores will be provided at the end of all rounds.

How much does it cost?

Register early to get in free!
Either with a team to compete or individually to watch

- OR -

If you don't register, the entry cost is  $5

What do we get if we win?

In a Varsity game, the Zion-Concord classes that are represented by the members of the team, will be provided a special lunch.

In a JV game, the Zion-Concord class in which the winning child is currently enrolled (or the one of their choosing) will be provided a special lunch.

The lunch will be decided upon via survey and could include Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, or Sub Sandwiches.


  • Entry is free if you register early. Otherwise, it will be $5 per person at the door.

  • No devices will be allowed at table.

  • Each correct answer scores a point.

  • Junior Varsity:

    • Each child is playing by themselves using a system call Blooket (similar to Kahoot).

    • Scoring will take place after all questions are answered.

    • Child with the highest score wins a special lunch for their class.

    • If multiple children result in the same score, ties will be broken via a “Mass Coin Flip”

  • Varsity:

    • Each team will designate an answer keeper who will record the group’s answers on the form.

    • Each round will be around 10 minutes long consisting of 10 questions being asked.

    • Each round will consist of questions based on a category. Categories will include: Geography, Sports, Movies/TV, Music, US Presidents, and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.

    • Scoring will take place after each round but the team scores will not be shared until the end of the game.

    • If multiple teams result in the same score, ties will be broken via a "Mass Coin Flip"



Food and Beverages will be served throughout the evening for purchase. Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards will be accepted. Possible food options are listed below. Adult beverages will also be offered.

  • Hot Dogs

  • Sloppy Joe

  • Nachos

  • Chili

  • Potato Chips

  • Chocolate Bars

  • Pretzels with Cheese

  • Pickle on a stick


Bonus Points:

There will be bonus points awarded for those that show Team Spirit:​

  • If a team wants to dress alike and/or in matching colors or otherwise show their team spirit, will be awarded an additional 3 points.​

Split the pot:

We will also be doing a split the pot. The winner of the drawing will take home half of the money raised the evening while the school will get the other half. Ticket prices are 1 for $5, 5 for $20, 20 for $50, and 50 for $100.

What is a “Mass Coin Flip”?:

  • All members of the winning tables will stand facing away from the projection screen.​

  • Each member will cast their vote of heads or tails by placing their hands on their head for "heads" and on their hips for "tails"

  • Virtual Coin toss will be presented on the screen.

  • Those that guess correctly will be allowed to continue to participate in the coin flip until there is a winner left. The final one winning (and their table) will be declared the winner.

What if I am not good at Trivia?

Come anyways and cheer on your friends. Don’t forget to register so you can get in for free.

What if the junior varsity game is done before the varsity game?

The players of the JV game will be provided a craft project to do after their game. This craft project would also be open to kids that may not be participating in a game.

Wait.. Wasn't this event happening on the 21st?

The original date was mistakenly posted as the 21st. The correct date of the event is April 28th. 

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