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Where Do We Go From Here?

Son Times: Fall 2012

As I started thinking about writing this article I knew what I wanted to say but found myself spending more time trying to think of a title than actually writing the article. So I will just use all three.

I have a Hangover (a 175th Anniversary one)

Ok I liked the Apple wine, but that's not the hangover I'm talking about. I hope you would agree the events of this past year were exciting, exhausting, and well worth it. From our picnic kick-off, to President Harrisons visit, to President Gilberts visit (the third one), and our banquet. Thanks again to all who helped!

So Now What?

Well three things first Church and School and then facing the challenges of being a Historic Lutheran Congregation.

Church: It was nice to see so many "former" members attend our events. To get acquainted or reacquainted with them and hear all the fond memories. But the fact of the matter is a portion of the folks listed on our rolls did not come, ever, not even once. They "Despised Gods teaching and His word". We need to keep these folks in our prayers and continue to encourage them to repent and "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy". We would love to see them!

School: Were growing, it's nice to see, it's something we all want! But growth comes with "good" problems. More paperwork, more phone calls, more traffic in the building, parking issues, heavier workloads, and so on. Things, thanks to the leadership of our Principal Mr. Charpentier and our dedicated staff, we are learning to deal with. In the September 2012 Lutheran Witness Rev. Bart Day laid out five things to improve Lutheran education, they are:

1. Be schools of academic excellence

2. Be distinctly and unapologetically Lutheran

3. Embrace the rich ethnic diversity

4. Use technology as a means of collaborative learning

5. Explore new funding models

I think it's no coincidence that before this article came out we informally have made these our emphasis (especially No.2) and as a result have seen some positive results. Please continue to keep the students, staff, and parents in your prayers.

Facing the challenges of being a Historic Lutheran Congregation: Old buildings need upkeep. You see the bulletin every week, you know the problems. Stained glass windows, leaky roof, and exterior church wood work problems. The list goes on and we are addressing them as we are able. Please keep these issues in your prayers and consider helping financially.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Well start by going to bible class. We currently have two options for adults. Grab a coffee and learn what it means to be distinctly and unapologetically Lutheran.

Lent Begins with Ash Wednesday February 13, come to midweek church make it a priority. When this happens all the other stuff seems to work out.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday on March 24th we have services every day, make it a priority, call that member you haven't seen in a while, invite a friend.

Restoration "The final phase". In the weeks ahead we will lay out our plans for the future needs of our property and building. This was first announced at our banquet in November. It includes the addition of a new Gym and other upgrades. It is a major undertaking. It will not and cannot happen without you!

Well so much for an easy year? Still we have been truly blessed.

In Christ,

Pastor Heuser

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